NNTN7392A NNTN7392 - Motorola IMPRES Battery Reader Kit
NNTN7392A NNTN7392 - Motorola IMPRES Battery Reader Kit
NO LONGER SOLD! ITEM OBSOLETE! NNTN7392A NNTN7392 - Motorola IMPRES Battery Reader Kit -- Motorola NNTN7392A IMPRES Battery Data Reader Kit with USB cable. Provides IMPRES battery users the ability to access charging, reconditioning, and key usage data. By keeping batteries in peak condition, talk time and cycle life are optimized, reducing battery replacement. Utilize the benefts of Motorola’s IMPRES technology by downloading key usage data from your IMPRES batteries. Installs quickly and easily. Simply attach the Reader to a PC via the USB port. No additional power is required. Get the status of your IMPRES battery: Present, Initial and Rated capacity provides a view of the battery’s ability to hold a charge. Battery Manufactured Date and First Use. Total Charge Cycles. Total Recondition Cycles. Total Estimated non-IMPRES Charge Cycles. Recommendation box helps to quickly identify actions. Histograms help identify the appropriate battery capacity. Export the data easily to Excel.

NNTN7392A NNTN7392 - Motorola IMPRES Battery Reader Kit

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