Brand: Motorola
Product ID: PMNN4486
Availability: Available
PMNN4486A PMNN4486 - Motorola IMPRES 2 LiIon Battery, 3400mAh Rugged Like its predecessors, IMPRES 2 batteries, when used with IMPRES 2 chargers, provide automatic, adaptive reconditioning, end-of-life display and other advanced features. Data is stored in the battery and communicated to the charger via a unique IMPRES communication protocol, which is designed to maximize talk-time and optimize battery cycle life automatically. IMPRES 2 batteries have additional benefits over the existing IMPRES portfolio. These batteries offer an increase in capacity with no increase in size.  All IMPRES 2 batteries are IP68 rated, submersible for 2 meters, 2 hours and feature a rugged housing making them as tough as your Motorola radio. In test after test, IMPRES batteries withstand shocks, knock, drops and shakes, and outperform the other brands every time. With IMPRES 2, you can charge your batteries up to two times faster, and they can be re-charged 60% more times than a traditional Li-Ion battery, extending the life of your battery. We have extended our capacity warranty from 18 months to 24 months and, with a 4 year workmanship warranty, the longest in the industry, we stand behind our quality. IMPRES 2 batteries are compatible with all existing IMPRES chargers. 

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