Brand: Motorola
Product ID: PMLN5712
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PMLN5712B PMLN5712 - Motorola Operations Critical Wireless Adapter TRBO -- This slim, lightweight adapter attaches effortlessly to any MOTOTRBO radio accessory connector, allowing you to quickly connect with any Bluetooth compatible earpiece. Features an easy to access push-to-talk button and prominent blue LED light that signals your earpiece is connected. This wireless adapter uses Bluetooth 2.1 Secure Simple Pairing, so it automatically pairs when you turn on the radio and earpiece. This adapter remembers the device it is paired to, so you dont have to pair each time you turn on your radio. /// For use with the following accessories ONLY: 89409N – Motorola HK200 earpiece NNTN8125 – Earpiece with 12" cable and push-to-talk pod NNTN8126 – Earpiece with 9.5" cable and push-to-talk pod NNTN8294 – Earbud with 11.4" cable (with NNTN8127 attached) NNTN8295 – Earbud with 45.7" cable (with NNTN8127 attached)

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