Brand: Motorola
Product ID: NNTN9087
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NNTN9087A NNTN9087 - Motorola IMPRES™ 2 Standard Capacity Battery 3850 mAh APX NEXT Li-Ion, 3850 mAh battery is IP68-rated, which means it can be fully submerged in two meters of water for up to four hours. You may run out of energy before your battery does! Powered by IMPRES™ 2 batteries augmented with energy management intelligence, APX NEXT extends your lifeline a full shift or beyond. When maintained with IMPRES 2 energy management solutions, APX NEXT batteries deliver up to 60% more field life cycles than a standard Lithium Ion battery, backed with a 24-month capacity warranty. This battery meets APX NEXT radio environmental specifications, providing extreme ruggedness when you need it - without doubt.

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