Brand: Motorola
Product ID: NNTN8865
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NNTN8865A NNTN8865 - Motorola IMPRES 2 Single-Unit Charger, 120-240v "UK" Plug This IMPRES 2 Single Unit Charger keeps you safer, smarter and powered for longer.  When your radio battery fails and communication is lost, it impacts the performance and safety of your organization. IMPRES chargers have automated battery management and provide the most accurate information on each battery in your fleet, so users know they’re fully charged and will last the entire shift.  IMPRES 2 single unit chargers feature enhancements, including over 100% increase in charge rate, an enable/disable calibration switch and two integrated USB charging ports.  IMPRES 2 batteries provide increased charge cycles, improved submersibility and higher capacity. Cradle and Power Supply included. Designed for use with UK style plugs and power system only.

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