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NNTN8527A NNTN8527 - Motorola APX6000 Vehicular Adapter

When installed in a vehicle, the APX Vehicular Adapter (VA) utilizes the mobile antenna providing enhanced transmit and receive range. Powered by the vehicle’s 12-volt battery, the APX VA provides charging capabilities and IMPRES functionality identical to the APX vehicular charger (NNTN7624). Charge status indication and audio (microphone) operating modes are displayed through a dedicated LED. The mobile microphone and optional amplified loudspeaker allow for safer operation of the portable radio in the APX vehicular adapter. Features a compact, open-face design and includes APX VA charger, fused power cable, keys for the mechanical locking feature, and trunion bracket and mounting bolts. ** Only for use with single band APX 6000, APX 6000Li, APX 6000XE and SRX 2200 radios ONLY. The VHF radios supported will be those with 7.15SR or greater, VHF HW prior to 7.15 will not be compatible with the APX VA. ** DOES NOT INCLUDE MOUNTING BRACKET, NTN8940 must be purchased seperately.

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