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Product ID: NMN6273
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NMN6273A NMN6273 - Motorola XTS XP IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone, w XT Cable -- Designed with mission critical users in mind, the NMN6273 XTS XP Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) suppresses noise so effectively, you can be heard over traffic noise, crowds and sirens. With its extreme ergonomic design, mission critical users will be able to quickly locate and activate the push-to-talk and emergency buttons. These features are large and easy to find, but recessed so that they are not accidentally activated.

** Features "XT" Xtreme Temperature Cable for use with in harsh and hot conditions of fireground operations.

Its unique dual-microphone design tracks the talker's voice so that you can keep your eye on what's in front of you while still talking on the microphone. A digital signal processor (DSP) algorithm helps suppress background noise so you can be heard clearly regardless of the noise around you. Includes a flexible 360-degree rotatable shoulder clip, designed specifically to fit comfortably on the police uniform epaulet. A D-ring provides an additional attachment option. This IMPRES RSM is the thinnest RSM in the XTS portfolio and is specifically designed for tough mission critical use—buttons are enlarged for easy access, yet recessed to avoid accidental activation.

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