Brand: Maxton
Product ID: kwd4usb
Availability: Available

Supported Radios:

Kenwood Mobile Radios: TK-7102, TK-7108, TK-8102, TK-8108, TK-760, TK-760GK, TK-762, TK-762G (VHF 8Ch),  TK-768, TK-768G (VHF 128Ch), TK-780, TK-840, TK-840UF, TK-860, TK-860G (UHF 128Ch), TK-860H, TK-862, TK-862G (UHF 8Ch), TK-868, TK-868G (UHF 8Ch), TK-868G (UHF 128Ch), TK-880 and TK7180.

Will also program these 8-pin mobile radios: Kenwood Mobile Radios KPG-46 with RJ-45 8-pin Microphone connector, including: TK-760 TK-760G TK-860 TK-860G TK-762 TK-763 TK-862 TK-768 TK-868 TK-780 TK-880 TK-980 TK-785 TK-885 TKR-740 TKR-750 TKR-840 TKR-850 TK630, TK730, TK830, TK930, TK705, TK805, TK760, TK860, TK941, TK931, TK840 and TK940.

Tags: programming cable, kenwood, portable radios, mobile radios