Brand: 2WayRadioParts, LLC
Product ID: APXXPRusb
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Compatible Radios: APX8000, APX8000XE, APX7000, APX7000XE, APX6000, APX6000 XE LI,  APX4000 LI, APX3000, APX2000, SRX2200, MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 4150, MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 4150+, MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 6150, MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 6150+, MOTOTRBO™XPR™6100, MOTOTRBO™XPR™6300, MOTOTRBO™XPR™6350, MOTOTRBO™XPR™6380, MOTOTRBO™XPR™6500, MOTOTRBO™XPR™6550  MOTOTRBO™XPR™6580, MOTOTRBO™XPR™7350, MOTOTRBO™XPR™7380, MOTOTRBO™XPR™7550, ™XPR™7550IS, MOTOTRBO™XPR™7580 XPR7550e series and More!

Not for use with XPR3300 and XPR3500.  The OEM cable for XPR3000 series can be found here PMKN4115.

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