Brand: 2WayRadioParts, LLC
Product ID: 300rbl
Availability: Available

Supported Radios:

ALL Maxtrac Mobiles, GR400, GR500, GM300, GTX Mobile, M1225, M1225LS, M10, M100, M120, M130, M200, M208, M216, M1225, Sportbase, M400, Radius Mobile, GR300, GR1225, R1225, LCS2000, Maratrac, SM50, SM120 and Desktrac.

Now Supports these New models: CM140, CM160, CM200, CM300, CM340, CM360, EM200, EM400, GM3188, GM3688,  and PM400

"Ribless" Radio to DB9 serial port Computer Programming Cable.  No R.I.B. box required.  

This cable will also work with CDM mobiles that do not have a remote control head cable kit installed.

Tags: 300rbl, Ribless, Radio to DB9, Serial Port, Programming Cable, Motorola mobiles, CM200, CM300, PM400, Maxtrac